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Wooden Furnitures

Orderology aims to support the evaluation, decision-making and actions around the clients space(s).

To assist clients with their desired outcomes with 

function, order and execution


Meet Lesley

Professional Home Organizer

I began organizing as an adolescent! It was a very natural part of me and I enjoyed the process tremendously. My career of 25+ years as a professional nanny gave me plenty of opportunities to organize for the families, neighbors and friends. My projects led to organizing with hoarders, elderly transition into assisted living, moving projects and much more. 


What I Specialize In



Packing & 



Clutter Control



Image by Nathan Fertig

Schedule now to bring order to dysfunction with care and compassion.

Orderology walked me through the process in great detail and started immediately. Within 2 weeks, my house was completely transformed.

- Eric Tyler

Lesley came by for a consultation and had a complete detailed plan of attack within 20 minutes of assessing the space.

Samantha Yaroschuk

My kids playroom was a disaster! Now their toys are organized and categorized by age and type. Now the playroom is more fun!

- Jennie Wilson

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